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Having travelled to many parts of this incredible world, I am filled with gratitude and awe towards life in all its many forms. I photograph the things that inspire me and expand my heart. Countless times, I have quite literally, had my breath taken away by the majesty of nature. My aim as a photographer is to share the beauty and sacredness of all life, and in doing so, I hope to raise awareness that the balance in nature is directly linked to our actions. We are being called to interact in harmony with the natural laws, to honour and respect our sacred lands, all living things and our fellow humans, if we are to create a home of beauty and love for our children and grandchildren. I feel the choice is in our hands collectively, to change the direction in which we are heading, to one of preservation. 

For all our relations.

Mālā Rose Gibson


I donate ten percent of all profits to the Earth Restoration Service, an organisation that plants trees around the world.


I shoot all my work on 35mm, some are from colour transparency & since going digital, I still use original shots taken.


My exhibitions include The United Nations, Geneva, 

The Brighton Fringe Festival, Star Anise Arts Cafe, Stroud, The Patchwork Mouse, Painswick. 




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